Wednesday, May 7, 2008

$Cash Money$

This in a picture that was inspired by the works of Sandy Skoglund. Caitlin Campbell and myself took a cardboard box and cut off two of the sides and the top of the box to simulate a little room. We then covered the inside of the box with aluminum foil and made our foil bubbles and counter top to have it blend in with the background. There are a lot of coins all over the box, some on the walls and some on our bubbles and some on the floor. To mix things up a bit and go crazy we threw in some green, by that I mean bills ranging from $20 all the way down to $1. The coins also ranged from whole dollars, to half dollars, and all the way down the line up of our regular coin system we use now.

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Caitlin Campbell said...

I love this photograph! You and your partner did an amazing job!