Friday, January 22, 2010

Florida Trip 2010

Florida... What can I say about Florida?

Well it was over 70 the whole time we were here and it only rained a few times, and only at night. We had one foggy day that ruined our beach time. So pretty much, it was the complete opposite of Chillicothe, Ohio. This is a shot from just inside the water's reach. I got down low as I like to do with a lot of my shots. This gives a neat angle that only the ones who get knocked down by the waves get to see. We are going out on a boat tomorrow, and it should be a nice day. I hope I can get some kind of good post out of it.

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Allison said...

I'm jealous! Although it did warm up to 40 degrees today, which is unheard of here. I'm sure it will get back down to the minuses soon.