Monday, April 14, 2008

An EXPOsition

Yesterday I was sitting in front of probably 500 people on a stage with a bunch of lights shining on me. It only took 10 minutes to pass before I got a headache from the lights. I sat on that stage with three other kids with those lights shinning on us from 11:20 til about 2:00. It was almost torture. The reason I was there was because I had done pretty well in the Ohio Governor's Art Exhibition. In fact I got placed into the top 25 out of almost 12,000 people. I had entered 5 different pictures at the very start of the show. Once the first selection was done, I had two pictures picked to move on to the next level. From there only one had moved on further. At this time my picture had been selected as one of the top 300. The next thing that happened was that it got awarded the Governor's Award of Excellence. That moved it to the top 25.

Here is three of the pictures that I had entered. I took these while I was outside the day after the surprise blizzard we had.

This picture is the one that placed in the top 25 in the competition.

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Caitlin Campbell said...

Ben, I love your photo of the barn. It was a really cool angle. Keep up the good work!