Friday, June 12, 2009

Sittin alone in an airport.. No better place in the world?

Don't you hate early morning flights? There is never anyone else in there with you and if you are traveling by yourself, it can be awful. All of the places to get good food aren't open yet and you are stuck eating a hard dry bagel with frozen cream cheese and drinking coffee without anything in it. When you think about it though it could be worse. there could be a lot of people around where you can barely move around or even find a seat to sit in. That is exactly how my layovers are. They are always in the middle of the day and there is always so many people around that it is hard to find a place to even breathe. All of the food courts are open but there isn't an open table and the lines are so long that you just don't even feel like waiting. Later when the crowds die down and most of the flights have left, it begins to feel like morning again. The only difference is you are so tried. Tired of the wait and anticipation of the trip you are going on.

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